Clinpath Pathology

Clinpath Pathology is a highly respected, well established private pathology practice, providing laboratory services to general practitioners, specialists, private hospitals, Corporate entities and aged care facilities in Adelaide, South Australia. At Clinpath, we pride ourselves on our personalised service to our clients, and we encourage you to contact our Executive Team, Pathologists or Client Relations Department if you have any queries, suggestions or concerns.

For most routine tests no appointment is required. Procedural tests can be booked via our website or by calling (08) 8366 2000. Specimens are transported to our laboratories by experienced, well trained Clinpath couriers. Please visit our website for test information or consult your Doctor.

Procedural Tests

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring – By appointment only.
ECG – By appointment only.
Glucose Tolerance Test – By appointment only.
Helicobacter Test – By appointment only (special preparation required).
Holter Monitoring – By appointment only.
Lactose Tolerance Test – By appointment only.
Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) – By appointment only.

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